Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New school year

Gage is settled in at Esperance Residential College, for Yr 11. He has never been away from home before apart from sleepovers so this is a big step for him and for us. I have to get a pic of him in his new school uniform yet.
We made up his bed and put all his stuff away so it was nice that i got to do the Mum thing at least. And we'll take down some stuff from his room next time, to make it a bit more home-like.

Katie started kindy this morning -- very excited to be such a big girl! She wore her new uniform and her new shoes, and her enormous hat. She had a backpack so full she looked like a little Sherpa.

At kindy, we looked at where her bag would go, hung up her hat, she did a few puzzles then gave me a kiss and 'bye Mum!' very cheerfully -- and that was that!
I walked to my car ALL BY MYSELF, got into my EMPTY CAR, and drove home ALL BY MYSELF with the music as loud as I wanted it (not that loud, really -- it's Dido. Note to self -- change CD to George Thorogood)

See? empty car!

Now I'm sitting at home and the only sounds are the washing machine and the keyboard. BLISS! smiley face smiley face smiley face
Till noon anyway.

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  1. Toni I so love your photos.
    They bring a tear and a chuckle
    Lv Ann


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