Monday, February 16, 2009


We spent the weekend in Esperance -- went down to see how Gage is getting on and he didn't want to leave the College! which was actually a big relief to me. So he is clearly enjoying himself.

We did some touristy-type shopping, went into the Homewares shop and I got to pick out my Valentines' Day present -- a huge red and gold glass bowl, it's gorgeous. I'll post a pic if I can get a decent one.
We went to the Turkish bakery for lunch, strolled on the beach, watched the container ships being loaded, went for a drive on the coast -- all just lovely.
I did a little bit of baby shopping (have 2 grandbabys on the way) and finished my book.

It was very windy all weekend and there was a lot of seaspray in the air which is why the ocean pics are so hazy, but I kinda like it like that.


  1. Hey Toni, that place looks soooo pretty and I'm lovin your music, don't want to turn it off, he, he.

  2. Hi Toni,

    Sure looks pretty where you went, what is the weather like there normally is it cooler at all?
    Hurry up and take a picture of your bowl want to have a look....

  3. Very happy to hear that GAge is swettling in well!


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