Saturday, February 28, 2009

True Survivors

We are just wrapping up the latest challenge over at Hybrid, our Survivor challenge -- the criteria was to scrap about something you have survived and use the word (in some form) in the title. The gallery is filled with the most amazing LOs! some funny, some sad, some triumphant -- all spectacular! I'm just amazed, reading some of the stories, at how brave these girls have been, both in surviving the things that have happened to them, and in scrapping the stories. NOT easy to put the 'hard stuff' down on paper -- even less easy to post it up for all the world to see.
If you have some time and feel like being inspired, pop over and take a peek.

I'm posting my LO here, but of course I am not in the comp.


  1. OMG Toni, did this happen to you? I don't know quite what to say, I'm just gobsmacked. God Bless you, thanks for sharing. I'm going to take a look at Hybrid as I truly have survived the last 4 years when many times I have not wanted to go on. I have been on a journey of immense proportion but have lived to tell the story so if I have time, I would really like to share, it will be very theraputic. Tiff :o)

  2. Hi Toni, silly me but I can't find the challenge, I've registered and looked under everyone's names but can't see it. I even did a search for survivor challenge and nothing. How long do I have? Tiff :o)

  3. Silly me, I've just realised that it wasn't a weekly one, what a shame, I would have loved to have done it, what a great idea. I'll definintely be there for the next one, count me in!!!

  4. Toni.... I don't know what to sayI just hope doing this challenge has helped are an amazing lady and so loved on Hybrid. xx

    Tiff if you read this still do the challenge and put your LO in the members gallery would love to share your story and the girls at Hybrid are wonderful
    Lv annxx

  5. Oh Toni - what a most beautiful LO. You are such a beautiful person, this must have been (and still would be) the hardest thing to go though. My heart breaks for you... love and hugs xoxo


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