Monday, September 27, 2010

fraud and the lack of sleep

Fabio worked a night shift last night. (sort of)
So when my mobile beeped at 1 am, my sleeping brain alerted me to the fact that my husband might be texting me to tell me he loves me. He does that a lot.
But no.
The message was from my bank, telling me that a dodgy transaction had just been declined.
Do I need to say that I woke up FAST? I wasn't sure which account or card it might be, since for a while there, Fabio was collecting bank accounts like other people collect stamps.

I rang the bank on their 24 hour help line, and had a nice chat with a chappie who put a temporary hold on our credit card, with advice to call my husband asap, and ask him if he had tried to purchase anything at 1 in the morning.

Since he was underground, in a mine, in a little village in the middle of the mountainous jungle, I didn't think it was likely. However, I dutifully messaged him, and lay awake till 2:30 or so, trying to fall back to sleep.

Fabio called me this morning, went through both our credit cards, and found odd activity on both. All transactions were made within the last 2 working days -- one for 3 x phones, one for some other thing that cost $500 plus.
He actually keeps a very close eye on our credit cards, which is bad news for me in some ways, but it pays off.

Anyway, after discussions with the fraud team at our bank, our cards are stopped and the transactions are under investigation. Happy me, since (so far) I love our bank, and I'm pretty sure that all will be well.

We are actually very careful with our cards, and with our on-line transactions, and we still got scammed. I guess it goes to show that nothing, absolutely nothing, beats the good old tried-and-true method of going through your statements!


  1. wow, what an interesting night you had Toni. not at all fun!! i must say, this is where I love Visa Debit cards. I only put money in there as I spend it, and leave $10 for fees the rest of the time. The whole phone purchases on yours reminded me of the fraudster we had here at Caltex, do you remember? Thank goodness your bank is so on the ball (not that I want 1am txt messages!!). Hope it all sorts out soon and you get a better night's sleep tonight xx

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  3. Toni, i guess in this case can we can "Chalk one up for the banks!!!!!" xxxxx but 1am... i mean.. really.. a girls gotta get her beauty sleep!!!!!! hehehehe

  4. Yeah, I am pretty tired and not looking my best today! but very thankful the bank was on the ball. And Fabio of course, who checked up on it all -- I never do!

  5. Wow! I hope my bank does the same for me if necessary. Having said that I hope it never is necessary.

    Glad the bank caught that for you.

  6. We can never be too careful!!

    Rough night, Toni. x


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