Friday, September 17, 2010

send a man to the shops.....

... and you never know WHAT he might come home with.

One time, Fabio toddled off for a DVD and came home with THIS:

He met a guy in the street who was flying this thing to Perth, and he needed somewhere safe to keep it for the night -- so it wound up in our backyard. You should have seen my face when Fabio said "Look what I brought home!" though.

And then, this week he went shopping for MILK and BREAD and came home with a KAYAK!

We've been talking about doing this for ages, being so close to the beach and with lots of lovely creeks and rivers here. He canoed as a kid, growing up in a RiverTown, but I hadn't ever tried it till we holidayed on a houseboat. The kids love being out on the water, and MrNearly9 likes to try paddling on his own. Great exercise and great fun, even for a landlubber like me.

And yes, he DID remember the milk and bread :)


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  2. Atleast he remembered the staples!
    Atleast you could never claim that he's boring!

  3. You made me smile again! I guess I stay with you a while!!! :-)

  4. FAB pic Toni,!!!! but Katie looks like she is not toooooo sure !!!

  5. He gets the shopping championship medal.

  6. Geez. They aren't half bad are they? My hubby has never brought home a helicopter though! Fabio wins!

  7. Man, I thought I was bad picking up 12 things when I went into the shop for 1. He's taken it to a whole 'nother level! But I like it... the kayak will be fabulous. Shame the (micro?) helicopter has to go back!! x

  8. My hubby does this kind of thing too - but not quite as, um, huge as yours. He tends to go in for muesli bars and come out with noisy space fighting toys (Aldi gets him every time).

  9. They love it don't they! My husband used to spend the whole of "hard rubbish week" driving around filling up the ute with...well, rubbish. No helicopter car thing though. In his rubbishy dreams ;)


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