Thursday, September 30, 2010

running out of vases....

Our house is currently filled with flowers.
Sadly, since most of them arrived for my birthday a week ago, most are looking a little the worse for wear.

* these were from my forum girls (and Brian!)*

* yellow roses from my husband, they have gold glitter smeared on the edges *

*these gorgeous lilliums (?) from my sisters fill the house with their fragrance*

But the best flower pics are these:

The first flowers The Princess has ever received, from the forum girls (and Brian!)
Aren't those pictures priceless???


  1. Well Miss Toni you deserved those beautiful flowers....
    and I just so love that stunning little daughter ....
    and don't you wish flowers would never die... :)

  2. The picturs and flowers are beautiful, Toni. Your little girl is too. You'll notice that as the flowers die, there's often one or two in each bunch that seem to still be okay. Gather those ones together into a vase to make a new bunch, instaed of just tossing the lot. That way you'll have them to enjoy just that little bit longer.

  3. Bloomin’ lovely photos.

    Have a nice day, Boonie


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