Friday, September 3, 2010

there's a SPRING in my step!

I heart September!

a) it is my birthday month -- and while I am not overly thrilled at the idea that I will be turning 45 in less than 3 weeks, my husband does give the COOLEST presents.

Plus -- you know, CAKE. MMMMMMMM, cake................

b) it's SPRING! and I can tell already because I'm warm! or at least, not freezing. And there're birds everywhere, and the rose bush that I hacked up a few weeks ago has produced at least one bud (with hopefully more to follow) and it's so beautiful living here.

c) I've changed my doona cover from the fake suede winter one, to the crisp white, pin-tucked and pleated spring/summer one.
I love dressing my bed for the seasons, and now I just have to persuade Fabio that it's perfectly acceptable to have 4 different doona covers. He struggles already with the number of so-called 'fripperies' on the bed (we have 2 pillows plus a boomerang pillow each, plus 5 cushions in white, taupe and black, which seems to me to be just the right amount)
Right now, I'm loving this one from Just Bedding

So how about you? do you love spring, or have any little bedroom rituals that you can discuss in polite company?


  1. Hey Toni what a beautiful post so light and happy....
    Yes I love change of season and I change my bedding but in this new place my sprin/summer quilts don't look nice in the main bedroom...only one thing I can do buy new lol

  2. I love spring, except for the crazy hayfever thing I have going on.
    I don't change my doona cover for the sesasons.I'm still in love with the one I bought 14 years ago. I still smile when I make the bed.

  3. I'm giggling because, OK, because you're a fun writer and because we've also got more than a male-accepted level of "frippery" on our bed.

    But, it's also because while you're breathing deeply of Springtime air ... we're heading into Fall in Nevada and it's The Best!

    FINALLY ... no more heat! No more days and days and days of sun. No more ants, no more mosquitoes.

    Enjoy your newly arriving flower buds as we wish our trees a comfortable hibernation! :)

  4. OHHHH you must be so enjoying that! I lived in the West Aussie desert for years and I know what you mean about relief from the heat!

  5. Hi Toni, You definately have a fun blog.
    Hubby always complains about the frippery on our bed because he has to make it each morning but it doesn't stop him from putting it all on how i like it. 4 pillows, 1 U-pillow, 2 cushions and 5 teddy bears. 2 joined the cause to annoy hubby due to renovation work and they were to scared by the noise. lol xxx

  6. Toni, what a lovely springtime post!!!! I too are a life long memeber of the "Tooo much frippery" club, 4 normal pillows,2 european pills, 1 u-pillow and 3 scatter cushions!!! and i have 5 different doona cover sets for our room so change these quite FREQUENTLY!!! :) :) but hey!!! a girls gotta do.. what a girls gotta do!!! right????


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