Friday, September 24, 2010

spring is for planting stuff.

Today, we went to Bunnings and bought
a lavender (it's called Boysenberry Ruffles); a pelargonium; a deep red geranium; some kind of pink daisy looking thing; sweet basil; and mint for my mojitos. Plus a shiny black ceramic pot for the red geranium (looks great) and various bags of compost, potting mix, and mulch. And gloves.
Then we dug and watered and planted and watered and mulched and watered and weeded and dragged pots around and re-potted and discovered that we have bindiis in the front yard.
So I'll be digging as many as I can out tomorrow, and then spraying the rest. We have a patch a few feet wide but I'm not sure if there are more.

P.S. For our non-Aussie friends, it's pronounced BINDY-EYE.


  1. cant wait to have some mojhito's with you, down on the beach, close to sunset with some of that nice fresh mint, lover you are my best, cant wait to see you again.

  2. OMG! OMG OMG OMG....

    this made my day. No, my week! I have the BEST husband ever.
    Love you to the stars and back, my heart.

  3. So you're out there doing the Bindii Ballet are you? Remember that TV ad? Ha Ha. You know you have to get out every single one, or spray every single one,and even then you will still have them next year and have to repeat the process. Remember the old saying-one year's seed=7 years weed.
    I love the idea of bright red geranium in a glossy black pot. You'll be putting up photos?

  4. I will, as soon as I remember! I spent 3/4 of an hour digging the little blighters out today, will spray tomorrow, then repeat as necessary. Hopefully have caught them before they're too much trouble.

  5. soooo Toni, you drink MOJITOS!!!! mmmmm....... luv 'em!!!! but i dont think i will be joining you when you drink your next one with the WONDERFUL FABIO !!!! :)

  6. Ahem... can you two just get a room with your mojhito loving!?!?

    I love Spring. Gardens! Yummy plants! (Sexy mojhito loving). If the bindii's are out already it might be too late to spray... I hope not! x


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