Thursday, September 16, 2010

possum update

In an interesting twist of fate, I rang the mobile dog wash yesterday, as Dog is smelling a bit -- well, doggy -- and discovered it's run by the WILDLIFE WOMAN!
Now looking for another mobile dog wash.


  1. Is that the one I gave you? Oops!

  2. I don't think so, so no panic. This was one we'd seen in the street at someone elses' house.

  3. Why are you being haunted by that woman? The gods must be crazy.

    Funny how we can't shake the irritants in life... x

  4. OH NO !!! Toni, how unlucky can you get?? xxxx

  5. That's funny - it made me laugh! Good to have something to smile with the first cup of coffee in the morning!
    Have a nice day and success in finding someone to shower that smelly fellow!

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  7. Hang loose. Dogs do smell a bit. Try to go with the flow.

    Have a happy odourous day, Boonie

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