Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Possum. A tragedy in three parts.

Our dog, who we generally refer to as 'painted on' for her complete lack of movement 99.9% of the day, morphed into a ferocious hunting animal the other night, while we were half-way through dinner.

We heard a tremendous (do you like that word? I do) tremendous kerfuffle and I ran out to see said Dog stalking around the yard with a large possum hanging out of her gob, very proud of herself, for catching this dangerous creature and Defending Her Family.

I did what any self-respecting woman of the 21st Century would do, and called for hubby, while yelling at the kiddies to STAY INSIDE!
As hubs came out, the Dog dropped her catch and it tried to run away, thus proving that possums really DO play dead. Anyway, after some more chasing and scuffling and yelling at the dog, the possum scrabbled up a tree, the Dog collapsed onto her bed, and the Family went back to dinner.

Next morning, as I faffed around at the kitchen sink, I glanced up into the tree, to see Ol' Poss hanging by it's tail from a branch, very clearly not merely playing dead this time, so after the kiddies went to school, Fabio knocked Ol' Poss down and went to bury the body.

Out in the driveway, huddled up next to the fence, he found a tiny baby possum.
I rang the rescue person, who came out and -- get this -- had a go at us about our dog being out in the yard! Because Possums don't know that it's not safe to go into certain backyards. But apparently, Dogs ought to know that Possums are not for Playing With.
When I pointed out (defensively) that we RENT this freakin' house, and the dog is SUPPOSED to be outside, she PFFFTed and said that SHE rents, and HER dogs are supposed to be Outside Dogs too, but she lets them in anyway and doesn't tell the landlord. Because they are mastiffs and would eat the possums.
Nice. SO GLAD I am not her landlord.

Finally, she drove her self-righteous ass off with the baby possum, and weren't we glad to see her go!
Till we found the SECOND baby possum! Which we had to deliver to her, as she was waiting for something. And we got a second, thinly veiled lecture about our dog, before escaping to go home and hopefully not find any more possums.

Now I don't mind doing my bit for native wildlife, especially when it's cute like baby possums. But seriously, Wildlife Rescue Lady, if you want people to rescue animals, maybe save the self-righteous act for your nearest and dearest. If you have any.


  1. My hubby rescued a baby possum last summer. He found this poor dehydrated tiny thing on the ground where it had fallen out of a tree, so put it inside his hat and carried it up the road to the local vet. On the way he dribbled drops of water into its mouth from his water bottle. I hope it survived.

  2. """I did what any self-respecting woman of the 21st Century would do, and called for hubby, while yelling at the kiddies to STAY INSIDE!""""

    hehehehehe!!!! glad to see i am not the only ""21st Century Woman""" Toni!!!!

  3. You should have ginen her "what for" toni.
    I hate people like that. If she's so worried about the wild liefe why has she got Mastiffs????

    but aw poor babies

  4. Oh those WIRES folk are the smuggest bastards on the planet, fear not. How sad for the little possums, but your dog was just being a dog and it happens sometimes. Good for you for calling Smug WIRES Lady back for the second little orphan. I'd have been tempted to adopt it rather than see her again... x

  5. Poor old Poss. DD raised a baby possum while she was studying Vet at Uni. Rose was the most gorgeous little thing 70g when she first arrived & 2kg when she left us. Even after 12 months of freedom she recognised DD & came racing down the tree & ran over to her. So sweet.

  6. Sigh. You can't win. If you kept the dog inside all the time, you'd have the RSPCA on your back for not allowing it it's doggy freedom. Poor you, poor possums. I'm amazed the dog was able to get anywhere near it - the ones around here make the most ferocious spitting, snarling sound. Makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Well, mine anyway.


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