Wednesday, April 6, 2011

colour me happy

I put on my new top, and went to ask Fabio what he thought.

"Do you like my new purple top?" I asked.

"Purple?!" he said. "I thought it was black."

"Well," I said, "it's really eggplant. Or, aubergine."

Fabio gave me a funny look. "No man ever came up with a name like 'aubergine'," he said.

Then he told me, "When I was a kid, I saw a box of 64 colouring pencils, and I thought to myself, 'Who would ever want 64 colours?'"

I laughed. "That's right, babe. You really only need black, white, blue and red, don't you?"

"Yes." he said. "AND there's only 2 kinds of blue. Blue. And light blue."

So there you go.

I know I've talked about colours and my men-folk before, but it's endlessly entertaining.


  1. I love that deep, rich purple!
    Don't like eating eggplants though.

  2. About 15 years ago my aunt was telling me proudly how wonderful my father was and how he always would tell her honestly if her gloves didn't match her outfit and such. I said "Oh no! Seriously? You have no idea that he is completely red green colourblind?" She was mortified and I could see it in her eyes, she was mentally trying to think back over 40 years of folly.

  3. OHH! Tanya that is SO FUNNY! poor aunt....

  4. This is classic, Toni!
    Yes, I have one of those! Primary colours only! And he loves matching red, pink, yellow and purple together....
    Teaching Ella colours is definitely going to be my task. :)


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