Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm a Diana tragic.

With the wedding coming up, I've been YouTubing Diana. And crying.

Looking at wedding pictures, and crying.

Do you remember this?

I was 15. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Just a few years later, she looked like this.

She loved her boys so much

And they loved her.
Listen to Harry here.

So what is it about this woman that so touched our hearts? Because she really was the Peoples' Princess.

And it's so unutterably sad that she won't be watching her son marry this week.


  1. OH I couldn't agree more. Unspeakably sad. And a tragically short end to a beautiful life. I was besotted with her because of that wedding. It started with that wedding! I was 6. I thought it was the most magical thing I had ever seen. And I would catch glimpses of her on tv or in news print and be smitten with her! There was a definite something to that special soul.

  2. I am so glad I am not the only 1 crying like an idiot. I am a devoted New Idea girl and have to buy my magazine each week and guess who's on the cover....Diana with Will as a young boy.

    I couldn't get through it without crying. I just kept thinking how heartbreaking it is for William not to have his mother there at his wedding.

    Last night on TV they had The Queen movie with Helen Mirren I didn't watch all of it, but I flicked on when there were actual scenes from Diana's funeral and again I started crying - I am such a cry baby sometimes.

  3. I watched it too, which is what led to me YouTubing till after midnight. And I cried at every scene with her in it.

  4. Somehow, somewhere, she is watching. I'm sure of it.

  5. Yes, what makes you so sure she isn't watching? I can remember where I was for all the major moments - engagement announcement, wedding, death, funeral.

    And call me trivial, but as a tall girl, I LOOOOOOOVED how she put flat shoes back in fashion!!

  6. Ooops, I didn't mean that Diana wouldn't be watching over William, I definitely believe that she is, just like I believed that my father was watching over me on my wedding day. I would have preferred to hold my father's arm and have him walk me down the aisle though.

  7. Sad, isn't it? She should be there.

  8. for sure honey..I loved her and am get so angry at how she was treated soon after her wedding..her boys were her whole life...I just can not look at Charles and Camilla for what they carried on with..and why wouldnt she look for someone to love her when he had his true love by his side before and after his marrage to the gorgous Diana..Hope Harry isnt his.will suck to be Charles then, haha


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