Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've thought a lot about writing this post, knowing that some people (like my MIL or my kids!) might be horrified, or feel too ill to finish their Weetbix.
I'm going to be talking about sex. Feel free to click away now, if you think you won't ever feel the same about me after reading this.

A while back, I was asked by the lovely girls at Love Rouge if I'd be interested in a product review.

I think most women have a fair amount of curiosity about sex toys, but many of us would rather tear out our tongues than talk about them, in anything but a light-hearted way.

A good on-line shop gives us freedom to browse, with no embarrassment, and Love Rouge is set up especially for women. They're polite, friendly, and professional, and even took the trouble to spell my name correctly, which is a nicety that escapes many businesses.

I was interested.

However, knowing how prim my Fabio can be about some things (like, he hates it that I sometimes drive in my pyjamas, even though they're flannie Elmo PJs and hardly likely to inflame the passions of passing motorists), I asked him how he would feel about me doing a review on my blog, for a vibrator.

OH, how I mis-judged him. He was like a little kid on Christmas morning, and couldn't quite believe that his wifes' little blog hobby thing led to him being asked to help try out a vibrator! {So, hardly an unbiased opinion.}

A few days later, a beautifully wrapped package appeared in the mail, with this little beauty inside.

The Lelo Gigi. Isn't she pretty?

Here are some of the things we like about her:

1. she's small and light. Easy to shove under the pillow suddenly, if you should have to.

2. she's easy to hold onto, and fits nicely into your hand. And she's soft, too.

3. she is very very quiet. Huge bonus if you have little kids. Or your mother is visiting.

4. she has a rechargeable battery, which runs for up to 6 hours - a fact that had Fabio VERY interested although I don't know why -- never gonna happen, babe. Sorry.
She takes only an hour or two to re-charge. This also had Fabio interested. Again -- not gonna happen, babe.

5. she has well designed controls. You need to hold the buttons down for a few seconds to turn her off or on, or adjust her speed, so you won't accidentally switch her off at the wrong moment, or have to try and track down a funny noise coming from the bedside table in the middle of the night because the ON button has been bumped. This has happened to -- err -- someone I know. Twice.
And she has a travel lock.

6. she has a nice shape that doesn't scream "I am a big penis-shaped vibrator" , so if the kids drag her out while you're having tea with Aunt Betty, you might be able to get away with saying she's your new face massager.
I have no idea what you might say if Aunty asks to try her, though.

7. she has 5 different modes, and they're really easy to adjust.

8. she's nicely curved, and she's slim. Not too fat, not too thin.

She gets 5 Toe Curls from me (this is a rating, not an actual count.)

And five from Fabio too. (Because I really like her.)


  1. Nice toe curling review.
    Gigi is a pretty colour too.

  2. Gigi is so pretty!!
    Awesome review.
    You know I'm going to have to get myself one now.

  3. She IS pretty - and think she'll be a nice addition to my goodie drawer. Tastefully done, I must say!

  4. V tasteful review. Gonna b checking out the site :)
    and the Gigi is pretty.

  5. #4 had me laughing. I've never said this about a vibrator before but yes, she is pretty!

    Great review. Just one request... ah, no vlogs about this one 'kay?

  6. I actually really like the look of her! She's pretty! :)

  7. OMG.
    You're funny ...
    And I am blushing.

  8. What a fantastic, non pornographic review. Very tasteful :o) teeheeheeheeheee... (I said pornographic)

  9. PMSL at Rochelle!!
    Toni your a hoot the review ;)

  10. PMSL - great post! (Love the toe curl rating system).

  11. Just want to thank everyone for commenting, I was very nervous about this post!

    and Ro, you're a crack-up!

  12. This was by far the BEST and FUNNIEST and HOTTEST product review on a vibrator I have ever read. x

    PS - I am interested in the fact that vibrators are often a 'she'...


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