Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the secret language of love

I don't know why, but Fabio can't seem to put things back in the exact spot they came from. Like the coffee, tea and sugar canisters, for example -- they're ALWAYS a couple of inches out on the bench instead of pushed back neatly against the tiles.

I love it that he spoils me by making me a cuppa.
And the thing with the canisters has become a bit of a joke between us.

I will push them back and he'll grin and later I'll find them all out on the bench again.

One morning I sneaked out to the shed and got a length of heavy chain and piled it all over and around the 3 canisters, and he laughed and laughed when he saw it.

This morning, I noticed the canisters are stacked up on top of one another.....

now I really have to put my brain to work. Any suggestions?


  1. go out to the shed an move EVERTHING one inch

  2. NOW THATS A GOOD IDEA!!!! Toni, isnt it the little things that make us love them even more xxxxx

  3. Velcro dots to hold the canister in place on the bench! He'll be able to remove the lid without moving the canister!!

    Of course this might backfire ...

    Have a great day!!

  4. Funny! I suggest a pyramid formation. Of... something.

  5. heh thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
    I thought about the shed but I went and looked and it's not organised enough that he'd notice!

  6. Hmm I'm voting call it quits because his next move might just be to super glue them shut!

  7. Don't just look at the shed. Organise it to within an inch of its life. See if he notices.


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