Thursday, April 21, 2011

on the road again.....

I'm writing today with tears in my eyes, so please excuse any spelling mistakes cos I can't actually see very well.

The house we moved into down here, our beautiful home that we love so much, has been put on the market. We can't afford to buy it, and at this price, I doubt it will go to an investor because they can't charge enough in rent to cover the repayments.

So I'll be moving again.

And even typing that makes my heart ache and my throat throb with unshed tears so that's all I'm saying for today.


  1. Oh no!! How very saddy making!!
    Where are you going???

  2. (((hugs))) sorry to hear that! Hope and even better house is just around the corner!!

  3. Oh Toni hun that is just aweful news. Hope hope you find another beautiful home soon mmmmmwah

  4. Oh no!!! That sucks Toni.
    I can't imagine how you must be feeling.
    Usually these things work themselves out. I tend to believe things happen for a reason so hopefully that means an even more fabulous abode awaits you ... or that you get an unexpected financial bonus which will help you buy this place yourself.
    Fingers crossed.
    And hugs ...

  5. I know you probably don't want to hear a whole heap of lame platitudes but I was going to say basically what Leanne has. I truely rueley believe that life goes the way it does for a reason. It may not lead to what you want but it will always provide what you need; even if it is only a life lesson, but that makes you richer does it not. I like to think you are moving closer to meeting someone who will be enriching your life soon.

  6. Oh Toni. Big hugs to you. I really hope there's something else amazing out there for you. You deserve the best.
    Take care. xx

  7. Bummer! Moving house is my least favourite thing to do, so I feel your pain. Maybe you could sabotage the sale somehow??!!

    Have a great Easter!

  8. Is there no way at all that you could buy the house yourself? No home buyers grant type thingy?
    I've shed a few tears myself when leaving a much loved home. I'll do it again if I ever have to leave where I am now.

  9. Toni that is really sad news

    and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. xx

  10. thank you everyone. I appreciate the thoughts and good wishes :)
    Just hoping for a miracle now -- like a Lotto win or something!


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