Tuesday, May 18, 2010

7 deadly sins....

I saw this over on Wanderlust and immediately thought AHA! I can do that, I have at LEAST seven sins stashed away.
So here we go, spill-guts time:

1. SLOTH -- how do you relax?
Blogging (unless I'm trying to teach myself something new!) and I also love to read (totally ignoring everything else) and watch DVDs. Grand Designs is a huge favourite. I have about 6 seasons now I think. I've just started watching Dexter as well.

2. GLUTTONY -- what can't you get enough of, even though it's bad for you?
Salt. I know. My arteries must be like cable ties by now.

3. GREED -- what do you get greedy for?
I wracked my brain for about 10 minutes, then I asked Fabio (since he knows me best) and he said "Me." He's right.

4. ENVY -- what makes you green?
Oh. Beautiful homes. And beautiful places to put them in.

5. LUST -- what does it for you?
Fabio. That's all. And trust me, he's plenty.

6. PRIDE -- what are you inordinately proud of?
Well -- Fabio and the kids obviously. But also the fact that I got a website up and running, and that I blog! My life may be as boring as all get-out, but EVERYONE gets a chance to view it in all its' mundane glory.

7. WRATH -- what makes you angry?
People who think they deserve hand-outs but have no sense of social responsibility; parents who let their kids run amok; Kevin Rudd; barking dogs; people who refer to redheads as RANGAS; the Child Support Agency..... gotta stop, I'm getting CRABBY!

Now -- what are YOUR sins? Write em up and make sure to leave a comment here so I know to come and have a sticky-beak!


  1. See? You did a good thing ... Giggling my way through your list I ran into "Kevin Rudd."

    I looked him up as I knew the name, but couldn't place the importance.

    So ... you did a good thing driving me to learn something new today. :)

  2. heheheheh Your "SINS" sound absolutely WONDERFUL Toni!!!!!! and i'm with you on the "WRATH" ones girl!!!!!!

  3. Loved reading about your SINS Toni, I had fun doing them too.

  4. Yay for sinning!

    Hmmmm... does it count if three of your sins are the same? :-)

    Like your wrath list, that's one of the fun ones to do. Never lack for things to piss us off, do we?


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