Friday, May 14, 2010

day 3 -- waiting.

Oh. My. God.
It is NOT SMART to make a person fly across the country, landing at 4 am, at an airport in the process of renovation, keep the car hire places closed till 5 am, and LOCK ALL THE COFFEE MACHINES IN THE PART OF THE AIRPORT THAT IS UNDER RENOVATION.
Bad move. Cranky man.
He got crankier when a Random Weirdo decided he and Fabio would be BFFs and followed him around telling his (boring and mostly made-up) life story.
He got pretty crabby when we couldn't read the car-hire mans' handwriting and thus had trouble locating the car we had paid a fortune for.
His lips thinned when John Cleese insisted we turn left at the roundabout, into a swampy canefield that looked like it might hold man-eating crocodiles (reasonably safe bet up here, I think)
But the final straw was the car beeping and pinging and flashing red at him because he didn't have his seat-belt on. (in the car-park)
"SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" he roared. "Bloody NANNY CAR in a bloody NANNY STATE!"
Even John Cleese realised he was in mortal danger, and started telling us the right way to go. We drove straight to the nearest McCafe and drank coffee and Fabio looked at a newspaper till he felt happy again.

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  1. OH Toni, I couldn't help but laugh, but i do know first hand that travelling can be a RIGHT ROYAL PAIN!!!!! hehehehehe


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