Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i hate goodbyes....

It's always really heart-wrenching to leave North Queensland, and yesterday was no exception (in fact, it may have been the worst yet). I cried HARD for hours, and my eyes were all puffy and sore. Maybe the airlines are used to seeing red-eyed, tear-streaked women, because no-one commented.
I hate saying goodbye to my sisters, and I hate leaving the mountains.

So here we are in South Queensland. We drove out to see my Nana, which was wonderful. She's been unwell, not too serious I hope but she is getting on a bit and each time we're here, we make the effort to see her, knowing it could be the last. Plus she always tells me how precious I am, and how proud she is of me, and who could pass that up? The kids are surprised at how small she is (Katie was talking about Nana-in-the-pocket yesterday) and amused that Mum (who is incredibly ancient) actually has a grandmother!

A few pictures to share and then I have to go help pack up the car.


  1. aaaww Toni it must be devestating to leave your family (BIG HUGS) not to mention the beautiful surrounds. Bit of a stark contrast to where you live.

  2. Gidday Sis,
    tried to call you but no good, i'm glad Nana is still kicking tho. talk to you soon
    Beautiful Bride (soon to be Woeful Wife)

  3. aha, just made a name for myself! Twice in a week is good going

  4. I hate goodbyes too, especially in North Qld.

    Hope you're feeling better today.

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  6. You can cry, everyone understands.
    It has been an emotional time the build the Good byes to your family.. {{HUGS}}

  7. I have always been a big sook when it comes to leaving people I love, you must get it from me! Hopefully sweetheart it won't be too long before we see you again.


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