Monday, May 31, 2010

time for the bed.....

So .... I'm about to change my doona cover from the gorgeous white one to the warm fake suede one, for winter.
It needs ironing. I hate ironing. And it's king-size! and slithery!! but it looks so toasty and inviting on the bed.
Especially since I bought more cushions (we now have 7 cushions, 4 pillows, and 2 boomerang pillows on the bed. Fabio says they are a nuisance, I say they are not even close to enough.)
I LOVE our bed. It has a Latex mattress and weighs a ton, but it's big enough for us all to snuggle into on a weekend morning. And it's super firm and comfy. I wish I was in it right now as a matter of fact... but the ironing board awaits.


  1. AHHHhhhh Toni, just think.. it will be worth it tonight(the ironing i mean) when you snuggle down into your nicely ironing winter doona!!!!!! (we have a king size doona as well...what a pain at washing/ironing time)

  2. You sound like me with all the pillows on the bed lol
    I haven't changed my doona cover yet I will be moving in a couple of weeks so I will do it then
    Oh happy ironing Toni !!!!!!

  3. GOSH! i want one. i have only 2 measly cushions, but the Knight still callously FLINGS them to the floor with disdain.

  4. Fabio says we need a little ante-room off the bedroom, to hold all the 'fripperies'.

  5. My bed is like that, I have 4 pillows and 2 cushions, and we're not even going to mention the teddies!

  6. We have Mink blankets on our bed. We used to have 4 pillows, a boomerang, a body mate and a cushion, but R stole our boomerang and the bodymate went missing during our move...

  7. Forget the ironing ! BEDTIME !!

    and lots of other fun stuff 2 do under the covers ! have fun.

  8. You pile up pillows like I do! Sweet dreams, sweet lady!


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