Sunday, May 23, 2010

my new BFF

We do a LOT of travelling. A shopping trip is 200 kms each way (usually means an overnight stay) and if we visit Gorgeous George at boarding school, it's also a weekend away. And then we usually don't have net access which is sometimes a nuisance and sometimes a REAL nuisance.
So Fabio weighed up the pros (constant net access) vs the cons (COST!!) and bought this handy little doohickey...

It cost a small fortune, but it means that wherever we go, as long as we have coverage, we have the net.
Technology, I heart you.


  1. Wow ... I thought the 40 minutes I have to drive to the store was "way out."

    You NEED this technology! NEED!

  2. Woo hoo! I think that falls firmly in the "need" category.

  3. WOW, what I would do for one of these babies. Sorry been so long since I've visited my sweet, am enjoying all the changes and the pics of you at the wedding were so, so pretty. Now you can always have contact with your blogging friends no matter where you are in the wide world xx.

  4. That is my only net access since I don't have a landline. Thank goodness for mobile.


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