Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We're off on holidays - my sister is getting married and we get to escape to Queensland for 2 weeks. Here's the diary of our trip....

Day ONE:
driving to Perth from DrearyTown -- 300 kms of dirt road before we finally hit the bitumen.
here are some pics:

Happy to report that all the wildlife stayed out of our way so the Pajero is still ding-free. We had one lunch-break/toilet stop, and listened to The Princess ask "Are we there yet?" for about 6 hours.
Note to self -- next time, bring the iPod.
We stayed overnight with a friend, watched the Dockers clean up the Brisbane Lions,and drove through the city centre -- kids were suitably amazed by all the tall buildings. I felt like a bit of a noob tourist until I saw the lady in the car next to me taking photos of the buildings (:

More later.


  1. It all just brings you closer to me!!! LOL

  2. Glad you had a safe drive Toni xxxxxx

  3. Oh love the 'are we there yets?'
    Have fun darlin

  4. Toni, I hope you have a great trip, and please keep "Checking in" so we can enjoy your travels!


  5. I second that Linda, great to see what someone else is doing. Glad she arrived safely, they are in good hands with Jules. xx

  6. These are great, great, great photos. What beautiful family. And geez, public toilets, gotta love em.

    Pop on over when you can to my blog (SCI) there is a surprise for you.

    Safe journey!

  7. You shoudl take the extended route and come see us on the way back:)

  8. Sounds like my kind of trip! Have a wonderful holiday.

  9. poor lil princess, bet she was well and truly fed up after the plane ride. your big boy is gonna LURVE that you put that photo up haha and where or where is the lil man in all this?


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