Monday, May 17, 2010

more about the wedding

We had a girly sleep-over at The Brides' house the night before the wedding -- managed to fill a bin with empty wine bottles and all 5 of us were talking at once and still managing to listen to each other. Hooray for multi-tasking!
The next day, we had the hair and make-up lady arrive to begin renovations and then the photographer, Helen, turned up, so The Bride put The Dress on.
And that was the end of The Other Bridesmaid and me. We started snivelling and sooking and didn't really stop from then.
The Bride looked stunning. I know people say that about all brides, but look:

It took us a while to load The Dress into the car, I was terrified that I would shut part of her train in the door and she'd arrive with a muddy torn skirt, but we managed to get that all sorted out, and off we went.
We made it down the aisle without falling over, and stood in the right place -- then the music started up, and the Bride appeared, and my sister and I started crying AGAIN.... but we weren't alone! The Brides' BFF was crying so hard, we had to throw her some tissues, and when The Bride saw her, she had a bit of a giggle.

"What are YOU crying for?"

Vows and rings were exchanged:

and they are Husband and Wife!

More crying....

then we had 10 000 photos taken:

and FINALLY time for a drink:

Yes, that is me, and YES, my husband took that photo....


  1. Geez, I don't even know your sister and I'M over here getting misty-eyed! What a gorgeous wedding. That dress is...WOW! Even your bridesmaid dresses are beautiful (unlike the ones I've had to wear, that looked like Senior Prom Gone Very Wrong). Congrats to your sister and your beautiful family!


  3. OMGoodness you all look so stunning and little Katie looks like a little angel from heaven.
    Enjoy everything and have a wonderful time away.

  4. thanks everyone -- and a special thankyou to Ann!

  5. Oh WOW Toni! Just stunning!
    10,000 photos (faint!)
    Typical DH!! LOL

  6. everyone and everything looked beautiful!!

  7. Excellent blog & photos Toni!!! What a great night it was!!! There were just so many lovely people there, which says heaps about your family! We can't wait to see yourself & your gorg hubby again.

  8. You all look amazing and everyone looks so happy!

  9. Yes, only took a professional 4 and a half hours to make me look that nice. 'sigh'

  10. WOW Toni! Great pix. Kate looked SOOOOOOO gorgeous (oh, and you too!!!)
    Much love. M


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