Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cats and dogs

Once when I was a kid, we had a white cat with different coloured eyes, called Ravenswood.

Yes, I know -- we also had dogs called Sloopy and Fred the Croyd. This is what happens when you ask the kids, "what will we call the new pet?"

Ravenswood was weird. He climbed up Dads' pants leg at breakfast one morning and got stuck around the kneecap, which wasn't a whole lot of fun for Dad but had us kids in hysterics.

Also, he would climb up on top of doors and jump down on you when you walked into the room, with his claws out to make sure he got a good grip on your head and shoulders and didn't just fall to the ground.

My sister adopted an all-white cat called Kimba when she got older. He was HUGE and WHITE, and mesmerised a visitor to the house.
"Wow." he said. "I've got a cat just like that at home. Only mine's black."

I had a patchwork cat once. She was grey and marmalade and white in patches, really pretty but quite mad. Hence her name -- Mad Cat. I swear, I saw her jump up the wall and bite the light switch one time, before sauntering casually away.

I also had a HUGE WHITE cat (are we seeing a pattern here?) called Molly, named when I thought he was a girl cat.
Molly should have been named Scarface Claw, because he was so scary he used to catch and kill crows. And I saw a blue heeler, a renowned cat killer, creep away from him one time, too scared to front him.

A good cat, one with character, is worth its' weight in catmint. Especially if you have a video camera and know how to load videos to YouTube!
I miss having a cat, but with our greyhound, we can't take the risk. Her prey drive is very strong and she's just too quick.
Unless we could find another Molly, of course.


  1. I had cats growing up. My first one was a ginger kitten called mittens which had been dumped with the rest of the litter in the wash sheds at school. I was about 8 years old and was one of the saviours. He got run over though (sob). My next cat was Tibbles and he and I were great mates. GREAT mates. I will have to blog about him one day ...

  2. Mittens! and Tibbles! awesome cat names, Leanne.
    I had one called Twinkletoes when I was very little, but she 'went to live somewhere else', while I was at school.... :(

  3. We have a cat called Sakura, which is a very girly kind of name for a male cat. My daughter named him that and it just stuck with him. He's a ginger and white cat and such a character. Loves having baths and thinks he's just one of the kids.

  4. I had a cat called Peppa once. She was tiny, but man did she pack a punch! She once climbed from the floor to the top of the curtain rod, inot a shopping bag that I had hung there, and broke into a bag of salt and vinegar crisps. She ate nearly a whole bag! I took her to the vet and they put her on IV for hydration, to counteract the salt, but she was fine. She even took on a full grown male malamute once!

  5. I've always wanted a cat , as a familiar, you know, like what witches have. (Crazy me, sorry). Maybe someday, when our pup is all settled and toilet trained.

  6. I think Ravenswood is the coolest name I have heard in a long time!

  7. Sad story coming...when I was in my early teens, a "friend" of my dad's gave us a white cat, that had just had a litter of kittens two days earlier. He'd drowned the kittens and the cat mourned the loss so deeply she went mad and spent days hunched over suckling her own milk. Dad had her put down.


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