Friday, March 11, 2011

time to start using that aging cream.

Today, on some cartoon the kids love, a talking crab told a penguin that it was his birthday and he was 100 years old.

The Princess scoffed.

"You would DIE if you were 100 years old!" she said.

"Well, people can sometimes be 100 years old," I told her. "There's even someone who's 104."

"Hmmm." She thought about that for a moment. "That's probably you, Mum."


  1. Ah, they're killing us, T! My daughter asked me how old I was the other day and I told her (39) and she said "woooow, can anyone even count that old?" Killing us! x

  2. LOL! oh the precious little thing...

  3. Oh, that is hilarious....

    Kids perception of time and age is such a beutiful naivity. I remember how warped my perception was from a dinner at my house when I was about 8 or 9. One of the girls was the grand old age of 14, and she sat with the adults instead of with the kids. We marvelled at her maturity, and I assumed she knew all of the secrets of the adult world. From that day on I was busting to turn 14 and be part of the 'grown-ups' secret society. Then 14 came I realised how wrong I was. "17" was clearly the age of emancipation and the all encompassing adult wisdom would surely be magically made clear on my birthday. Then I turned 17, then 18, and so on and so forth until 25, then it finally became apparent that the pursuit of youth was much more useful than the pursuit of maturity...
    So many wasted years...

  4. 104? Geez, you look really good for your age.....

    I love Centennial. I have the book and the dvd's, the book is starting to fall apart from all the reading.

  5. Dont ya just love it when kids come out with stuff like that??? I remember Little Miss K asking me one day if there were still dinosaurs when I was a little girl!!!


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