Monday, March 28, 2011

the Princess and the Please

The Princess took something the other day without saying thankyou.

"Oh, I think you meant to say 'thankyou Mother darling'", I prompted.

She looked at me kindly.

"Well," she said, "I didn't. But you can think that if you want to."

She's six, and she's outclassing me.


  1. Yes, exactly what are you meant to say in response to that? LOL!
    I can't remember being clever enough as a six year old to have such a cheeky response. Are kids getting smarter?

  2. ROFL. That's a good one! Smart little chick ...

  3. This sounds like a princess to watch. Thankyou, still smiling.

  4. Ah! The first sign of growing up.

    Kids are so smart at six. They've been at school for a whole year and think they know it all now.

  5. Is the Thursday Theme still going?

  6. I'm sure I couldn't come up with one-liners like that when I was that age. They are so savy and switched on now. My girls still paraphrase at me often "Thank you she said in a big loud voice"

  7. Haha!! That's hilarious!!! If she's like that now though, she'll be deadly dangerous at 18 ...

  8. My precious little puppy xxx


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