Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Themes - Textures

I love old timber and rusted metal.

Lichens, fungi and bark do it for me, too.

I always want to touch them, and sometimes even looking at these photos I'll find myself rubbing my fingertips together.

Want to join in on this weeks' theme? simply do a post about textures, link back here, and leave some comment love on at least one other blog.


  1. Great pix, T! This one really stretched me ... I really MUST get a camera that does good close-ups!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. lots going on here still - but planning to join this linky tomorrow :) (just gotta get the photos done).

  3. I love the last picture you put up; I can see a tiny petrified gnome inside that tree trunk.

  4. Okay, So the new rule is:

    "As the host, Toni only posts photos that don't make mine look like crap, so I don't feel inadequate by joining in"

    Lol, just joking, really got me thinking and I'm so glad for the inspiration.

    Keep it up Chick xoxo

  5. LOL if you only knew how stupid I feel when I see other peoples' photos!
    And you shouldn't feel inadequate, I LOVE reading your posts.

  6. @ River -- WOW -- you're RIGHT! I can too -- now!

  7. I thought the linky was open till Friday Midnight!
    I just finished mine... too late to add :(
    It's up on my blog now though.

    I'm now going to go have a looksie at these other ones that have been added since I checked in yesterday :)
    btw -Toni, you have put up beautiful photos.

  8. Oh, DOPEY ME! I just realised I made it close at midDAY not midNIGHT....

    I'm so sorry about that!

    Your post is gorgeous, gave me some smiles and happy memories!

  9. Bloody fantastic stuff, Toni. Texture is something I am really into but it sort of glides along, not something that I focus on enough. I used to do sculpture, so I think that's where it all started.

    I LOVED this post! x

  10. The lichen and Moss's are my favourites.


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