Sunday, March 27, 2011

oh for the Lotto life....


I was so sure I'd win Lotto last night, because I actually remembered to buy a ticket this week, but no, it seems not.

Fabio and I often talk about what we would do if we won Lotto.
Mostly, we try and work out how much we could give away, and where we'd build our house.
And we always have the Car Discussion.

Last nights' Car Discussion went like this.

Fabio : "And I'd buy you a new car, babe."

me: "But I like my car."

Fabio: "Yes, but I'd buy you a new one."

me: "But I like my car. I haven't got any complaints about it. It'd be nice to have rear powered windows, and an iPod jack, but otherwise I'm really happy with that car."

Fabio: "See? I could buy you an upgraded model."

me: "But I like my car."


me: "We could buy you a new car!"

Fabio: "But........... I like my car."

We're such Wannabes.


  1. I was sooo winning last night too. I went in to check my ticket at the Newsagent today and I held my breath waiting for the sirens to sound, the whistles to go off and the outer doors to close signifying the big win ... but alas ... it didn't happen ...

  2. Luck also take a big impact for winning a lottery prize. I lost my lottery last week too.


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