Friday, March 25, 2011

clothes maketh the woman, too.

So the other day, the library rang me to say that I really needed to bring their books back home, please.
They were really polite, so I obliged immediately. Or the next morning.

And checked out a BIG pile of new books ('new' meaning, I haven't read them yet)

One of which was this:

I love T&Ss TV shows, and thought the book might be interesting, but I actually learned quite a lot from it.

It turns out that I have an hourglass figure. (think Nigella, or Marilyn Monroe! isn't that good company to be in?!)

Big boobs, short waisted, waist (relatively) small, big hips and generous thighs.
I sound like a box of chicken, don't I? all breasts and thighs...
(both times then, I typoed 'things' instead of 'thighs'. Wouldn't THAT have given you a giggle?)

So -- now I know my body shape, and the type of clothes I should be looking for, and what I should be avoiding (which seems to be most of my wardrobe).

I should avoid pointy shoes (YAY! HATE them!), big prints, frills flounces and bows (again YAY!)

I should be shopping for pencil skirts (awesome), nipped-in waists, V-necklines and dresses that lengthen my waist.
Any suggestions as to where I might find those items, ladies?
Because the shops around here are filled with cheap (or not cheap) trends, not actual clothes that people might like to wear for more than one season.

If I was rich, I would hire me a tailor. But I'm not, and so I'll be looking in op-shops and on eBay for more classic styles.

I'm not much of a fashionista.
But I'm tired of looking like I've been dragged into the day, kicking and screaming. I'd like to look 'nice' instead of merely 'dressed'.

I'm going to start making a little more effort with what I buy, and try *gasp* throwing out the clothes I have that I don't wear or that don't suit me.

Have you looked at this book? do you have a good idea of what styles suit you and what you should avoid? and are you tired of stores stocking clothes that really don't suit most women? Let me know what you think.


  1. I just want Nikki to shop for me. I'm no good at it.

  2. Oh goddess, good luck with that! I want to do it too. I make the tiniest inroads and then fall into the same traps. I now know what looks good on me and only look for those things, but they are hard to come by on the cheap (and I am mighty frugal on my fashion).

  3. I'm an hourglass too. Yep - hard work getting good suitable clothes. Let me know if you find some :)

  4. I have on of their books too - and as much as I love it, I can't work out my body shape.

    It's great you know yours and is bound to make shopping easier.

    I know using a tailor does sound expensive, but it's worth scouting around for a decent dressmaker. Over the years I've had the odd dress made for me, and I've got to say it was money well spent - and it didn't cost a fortune.

    A few months ago I was given a flyer for a dressmaker who lives near me. I disregarded it, but then was out in central London when I saw a woman in the most AMAZING dress ever. Just stunning. I actually stopped her to complement her - well it was actually that dressmaker I had heard about who lives near me! Now I just have to find her card....

    Sorry such a long comment!

  5. Op Shops rock!! Quite apart from the thrill of the chase, you can often find new clothing there for a fraction of the price. And the best thing? If, down the track, you find you don't like the item after all, just trade it back in at the op shop!!

  6. I don't know what I'm called but being a size 14 on the bottom (relatively slim hips) and usually 18-20 on the top! I know! Completely out of proportion. Luckily I have discovered TS14 and can shop in store or on line and they deliver for free. I find that the styles are suiting my shape and giving me the flexibility for seperates.

  7. interesting, isn't it? we're all sizes and shapes but clothes are made to fit only a handful of us properly.


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