Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thursday Themes this week -- handbags

Long the brunt of mens' jokes and complaints, although they'll still hand you assorted junk and ask you to 'just put that in your bag, please, love?'

This week, show us your handbag(s) -- maybe you have a favourite? or you might like to show us what's IN your bag. Maybe you're not a 'handbag' kinda girl, and you have a backpack or a nappybag instead.

You can write your post or just put some pictures up.

Anyone can join in, the more the merrier in fact! I know at least one of the regulars is off at the Aussie Bloggers Conference this week (HI RIVER! *waves*) so it would be nice to have someone else join in.

Just post your story on your blog on Thursday, and come back here to link up. See how easy it is?


  1. Ah handbags. Love 'em!!!
    My favourite is my LV that my husband bought me last November. 13 years together at that stage with not a lot of "I love yous" (hubby is not a huge fan of professing undying devotion) and out of the blue, the latest LV Alma. I am very lucky to have one. Already it has been worth every cent; I recently travelled OS and received an upgrade to Business Class AND an upgrade in the hotel to a junior suite purely because the lovely ladies checking us in recognised the handbag and were soooo nice. I have the funny feeling this bag will pay for itself a few times over!

  2. Oh COOL! he has good taste, then.

    PS I didn't know you read my blog! Now I have a big smile on my dial.

  3. I take a handbag to work, but I've never been comfy having one all the time. I was fascinated by the girls at school who had handbags. It just seemed so... old!?

    I do love them, though. I use little bags frequently. x

  4. Hi Toni! *waves back*
    I'm flying to Sydney on Friday, so there's plenty of time for me to put up a handbag post. I LOVE handbags. If I had more money than I knew what to do with, I'd have many more bags than I have now.

  5. Oh, I love handbags!!! I have heaps. All hanging up on hooks inside my wardrobe. I am currently dragging around this fabulous black and tan tote ... it's by Yomannu (whoever the hell that is) but it looks ridiculously expensive. It kinda was I guess ... beyond my normal handbag budget ... but it's still only made of PVC ...Anyway, I LURVE it ....


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