Saturday, December 3, 2011

fair go, mate

Life isn't fair. Ever noticed that?

People have kids with horrible illnesses who die before they live, and it isn't fair.

Monsters do dreadful things and get away with it in the court system, and it isn't fair.

Earthquakes and fires and floods happen, and dogs get run over, and popsicles fall off their sticks before we've finished them, and it isn't fair.

Here are some things that are fair.

It's fair that if you work hard, and make a lot of sacrifices, and build yourself a little business, you should be rewarded for your effort and enterprise.

It's fair that if you pay taxes all your working life, you should be entitled to retire in comfort.

It's fair that if you study hard at school, or work hard in your chosen sport, you should be rewarded for that.

It's fair that if you do the wrong thing, break the law or hurt someone, you should be punished.

It's fair that if you sit on your butt on the dole and contribute nothing to society, you should have to go without luxuries.

It's fair that you should have the right to protest, and make your opinion known, but it's not fair that you should make a nuisance of yourself to do so.



  1. That sounds fair to me.
    Your post and the above comments.

  2. If only, huh? I always wonder why it can't just be like that... why does it all have to be so unfair?!? x

  3. Here here. I often think about just how unfair life can be. I think you've touched on the issues perfectly.


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