Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my Christmas was blue. How about yours?

Worst Christmas ever. Well, maybe not ever.... but still not cool.

Husband disconnected, little kids over the top, one big kid on her own and unable to get to us, one big kid rubbing it in what a wonderful Christmas he's having with his father, who hasn't even sent so much as a card to his other two kids in many years, not seeing the grandkids, missing my sisters....


I guess there's always next year, right?

Meantime I'm gonna forget about this one as fast as possible.


  1. Yeah, mine wasn't too great either. I spent a good two hours hiding from everyone while I bawled my eyes out about the fact that we were alone.

    Im so sorry your Christmas was sucky :(

  2. Let's make sure next year is a good one!!

  3. I hate to hear you both had a 'not so great' day. It can only improve next year....xxxxxx

  4. If all goes to plan! You should have two good Christmases in a row, each for completely different reasons!

  5. Anyhoo:
    Husband is not disconnected, possibly just frozen or hung. Try CTRL ALT DEL a couple of times. If that doesn't work you may have to REBOOT but he will be sorted soon enough.
    LIttle kids will be back under the top soon enough.
    Where is Blossom and why is she alone? Phone or Skype her - it's the next best thing.
    The other big kid spending time with his I wouldn't p*ss on dear dad if he was on fire, but if they want to spend time together that's ok. Not fair to rub it in to the other kids though, that's just yuck. Maybe he'll just have to learn the hard way. At least the other 2 won't be hurt then.......
    Roll on 2012. xxx

  6. All the anticipation and expectation that Christmas Day be 'perfect' can work in such a negative way.
    It's one day and from your perspective, thank God it's over.

    Christmas was lovely, although I always miss my family. Now I'm playing (underappreciated!!) nurse to a very sick little boy.

    I hope your start to the New Year is much better.
    :-) x

  7. I'm sorry to read this Toni, I hope next Christmas is much better for you.

  8. Hopefully an awesome New Year will erase the suckiness of Christmas.

    Next year will be better!

  9. May NYE kick Christmas Day's butt xx

  10. Different reasons... same horrible Christmas. Can't wait for the New Year... it's got to be better, right?

    I think next year will plan on being somewhere else so that the reasons it was horrible this year can't happen again.


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