Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye old year

2011 was a weird year for me, with Fabio starting his own company, and working every hour God sends and then some, kids leaving home and coming back, a new dog, a major uterine fail and various other womb-related adventures.

I'm kind of hoping that 2012 brings some different excitements, ones that don't include surgical procedures and constant goodbyes.

For my ChickChatters -- thankyou.

I'm constantly surprised when people tell me they read my blog, and utterly amazed when they say they love it.
There are many of you who read and don't comment, and that's fine. But to those who do comment, even if it's once in a blue moon, thankyou. You've lifted my flagging spirits more than you could ever know. Each and every comment has been a joy to me, because it meant someone heard me.

I want to wish you all the very very best that life can offer in 2012. And if the world really does end this year, let's go out together, hmm? Like a whole gang of Thelma and Louises (and if we're really really lucky, we might pick up a hitchhiker along the way.


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Toni ..... and don't stop bloggin' ... LUV IT !!!!

  2. Happy New Year Toni, i hope you have a terrific 2012....luv reading your blog

  3. Wow it really seems to have been a hard year for so many people. Lots of hugs and thanks for sharing your journey

  4. I don't like goodbyes much, so I won't be farewelling 2011.
    I will extend a warm, no, a HOT (41*C), welcome to 2012.


  5. Happy new year to you.
    I hope 2012 is filled with all you wish for - and devoid of the others!

  6. Makes me realise how much I miss reading in Google reader ... LOVE the new (to me!) background & template!!

    Happy New Year!!

  7. thanks Red :)

    I changed the background today, was going to change the header to, for the new year -- but I chickened out. Love this one too much.

    Happy new year to you too. And to Shar, and River, and hc, and Kerryn, and Noriel, and Maree and V.

  8. HNY Toni :) You're a class act and I love your style...little deceptive gems of wisdom and entertainment...always a pleasure to read! Here's to more in 2012 xx

  9. Happy new year Toni! I hope 2012 brings you many good things and lots of joy.

  10. I really do love reading your blog, your words, your heart. We have much in common... tho little ole' me is in Texas, and Australia is on my bucket list for now.
    My blog opens with a poem I wrote in the middle of my years with an abuser. It was about how my words are a window to my soul, releasing the emotions I was so afraid to show at that time.
    My blog at times says things I so often find hard to verbalize.
    Wishing you a 2012 filled with all the good, powerful, positive things that 2011 wasn't.


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