Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm a foster fail

So, a while back I heard about a greyhound who urgently needed a foster home. Like, VERY urgently.

And I offered to take him, provided that he got along with our girl, Paris (AKA The Laziest Dog On Earth.)

Meet Dexter. And yes, he was named after my favourite serial killer (though not by me).

He's a red brindle, with an un-nerving habit of leaning his considerable weight against your knees while simultaneously standing on your foot and he feels like a Clydesdale with ginsu knives for hooves.

He's also a sniffer.

But we fell in love with him and now we're adopting him, so while I might be a foster fail, I get the feeling that Dexter doesn't mind that kind of fail at ALL.

If you've never had anything to do with a greyhound, can I just tell you that they are the BEST dogs ever.
They're more like owning a cat -- unless there is an actual cat around, in which case things might get very interesting; mine are NOT cat friendly -- because pretty much all they do all day is sleep.
They'll happily wake up for a pat, or go for a short walk around the block, but if you just wanna watch tv all day they'll join you, no problem.

It's the dog you have when you don't really want a dog.

And now I have two.



  1. I never thought I'd like a greyhound until I met Paris. And I totally love her. She even let me paint her toenails. Great dogs xxx

  2. She'd let you operate on her if you would just pat her :)

  3. How wonderful for both of you! They are such awesome dogs... I've not had one, but have known some that were rescued from a racing track that abused them. They seem to know that you rescue them and seem so grateful. My big dog also does the leaning-smashing-toe-let-me-get-in-the-middle-of-a-hug thing and he weighs 75 pounds so I know the pain. But wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

  4. If I didn't have cats, I would love to get a grey hound. But, we have three cats, so I don't think it would work.

  5. Hi Veronica, we always have cat friendly, we actually 'had' 3 at the moment, one just got adopted yesterday :) 2 left now :) I myself have 9 cats currently (5 of my own, 2 fosters and 2 boarding) and 3 Greyhounds, 1 Greyhound I am babysitting and a JR :)

  6. hahahah it's like a petting zoo at Mels' house!!
    Seriously though, these two are both chasers but my last greyhound wouldn't chase anything. Not even rabbits!!
    They're tested for cats, chooks etc on request, and if they're certified cat-friendly, you won't have dramas.

  7. Like you Toni I am a foster fail too!!! We offered to foster an old Staffy girl for Melita which she had rescued (along with all the Greyhounds Mel rescues) and who desperately needed a foster home (the dog not Mel). Within a week Phoebe had become so much a part of our family this is now her forever home!!!!


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