Saturday, December 17, 2011

now that's a good swear!

One day I heard my son crossly muttering "Jesus Whiskers!" at one of his projects that wasn't going the way he wanted it to.


I explained to him that we don't say "Jesus Whiskers" and he gave me a funny look and asked how come Rat in a Hat is allowed to.
Rat in a Hat, for those of you who have not been tortured by ABCs Bananas in Pyjamas, says CHEESE AND WHISKERS.

Which the kids are of course allowed to say.


When Beefcake was little, he told me he was sad because he wanted to swear but he wasn't allowed to.
So I gave him his very own special swears.
He could say RATS or FUDGE, or for really really bad swears, he could say FOOEYGUTS! (FOOEYGUTS is an awesome swear. Go ahead, try it)



I'm thinking we need to go back to words like RATS and FOOEYGUTS.
Fabio and I are swearing WAY TOO MUCH.
He works in an environment where every second word is the F-bomb, and I remember when we first got married he wouldn't dream of swearing in front of me.
Now he doesn't think twice about it, and is swearing more and more in front of the kids.

And I, I'm ashamed to say, am just as bad or WORSE.

In fact, Mr 10 is acting like that annoying angel who sits on your shoulder giving advice, and is dropping hints about Swear Jars.
Which is a little embarrassing.

The thing is.... I know he's right.

Swearing occasionally is just one of those things.
Swearing all the time is ugly.

What do you think?


  1. I agree. I have always thought that swearing was reserved for men in bars or while doing "dirty work" (mining, working on cars etc) and that swears coming from a womans mouth was ugly. Sexist? Probably. I also swear too much, and way too often in front of my children, as I realised the other day when Flop dropped the F-Bomb after dropping his pancake off the table at Maccas....

  2. Joel and I swear ALL THE TIME when it's just us. Really, all the time. We do surprisingly well to swear so rarely in front of the kids. I can only think of three times either of us have slipped up badly in front of them. I hate it when I hear people swearing in front of their kids, or any other kids that might be around. Other than that I guess it doesn't bother me!

  3. I'm quick to snap my head around at 'public swearers', but truth is - I'm terrible at home!!
    Hubby and I swore (?!) that we wouldn't swear once we had kids - but we do.

  4. I go through stages where I swear lots and then will go months without swearing. But I need to cut back right now too. It's ... pretty bad.

  5. When we were kids mum let us swear in the house, but made sure we understood that it was unnaccetable outside of the house. (That changed once we realised she couldn't be watching us all the time).
    After it was pointed out to me that I swear a lot, I started 'Farscape swearing' whenever I could remember to switch out the words. 'Farscape swearing' is say 'frell' instead of the normal f-word.
    The cutest swear I've heard recently was "son of a biscuit'. That made me laugh.

  6. Surprise surprise, I let the occasional "Fuck!" slip out at home. Surpringly my kids don't swear at all. I mean on occasion I've heard my eldest say "Shit" when she drops something, but on the whole I'm amazed by their filter system.

  7. I almost never swear out loud. I do swear a lot in my head, but before I started working for Coles the inside of my head was pretty clean.

  8. P.S. Your page is properly visible again. Whatever you did to fix it, thank you.

  9. It is ugly... I'm ugly, no doubt about it. I try not to do it in front of the kids. Once I swore loudly at a guy who cut me off, forgetting little Big Ears was in the back seat. "Where's the fox, mummy? Where's the fox" Now she runs around saying 'fox sake'... ah, kids, huh?

    Wanted to wish you a happy Christmas, merry Toni. Lots of love to you and the gang for a jolly good time. x

  10. I keep telling myself that proficiency in swearing means an inadequate vocabulary. Sometimes that works ... but when it doesn't, swear substitutes are the next best thing!

  11. I have to say even though hubby spent 20 years in the RAAF, he DOES NOT swear in front of me or the kids (i am usually the one to say b...y hell or s..t, but NEVER the ""f"" word) and has not in 35 years of marriage (our anniv yesterday ) don't know how he does it sometimes xxxx

  12. Jesus Whiskers ... ROFL!!!
    Swearing is not good. I was brought up in a house where every few words was "bloody". Bloody this and bloody that. I say it a lot. I try not to use the F bomb, and my husband hardly uses it either, but the other day I let one slip in reference to my daughter's messy bedroom. I was so ashamed. It's time for a bit of fooeyguts I think ....


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