Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the tree post

Polystyrene balls covered in glue and flowers and sticky bling. Too easy.

Polystyrene balls painted and braid glued on. Too easy.

Paper flower with sticky bling in the middle. Too easy.

And here is the famous Christmas Carrot. I don't know WHY the kids think we have a Christmas Carrot, but they love it and greet it with great excitement every year. Luckily we have two so they can each hang one up.

We have a glass angel bell....

more handmade baubles and some store-bought (betcha can't tell which is which)

a star....

and the new kid on the block, from one of the $2 shops.

Also, it wouldn't be Christmas without Gingerbread Men (or Girls) would it?

made with an MDF shape, alcohol ink (sounds a lot more exciting than it is), and sticky bling.


  1. Your tree is beautiful! Love the gingerbread men! The $2 shop ornament is lovely too and the green and gold star, so very Australian. I like the paper flower with sticky bling very much!

  2. What a gorgeous tree.
    i love all your hand made touches.

  3. I love your tree, I love it!! Stories to tell about decorations on a family tree are what makes my heart burst. Good stuff x

  4. That is one gorgeous Tree all the handmade decos!!!

  5. It's so beautiful! I love all your special decorations. Merry merries, Toni!! x

  6. You have some super cute ornaments! I am your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back, if you wanto to =-) Beth =-)


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