Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my Indian name is...

Just lately on Facebook I'm seeing a lot of 'my Indian name' posts.
I'm assuming it's some randomly generated thing, I haven't looked. Because we sorted out our Indian names many years ago. It's a shame I can't remember them all though!

Fabio is Dances With Traffic -- named by my eldest daughter after his driving habits.

I am Stands With a Smack -- for obvious reasons.

Mr18 was Talks A Lot, and I don't see any reason to change that.

Mr10 was Two Spoons, because when he was a baby being spoon-fed, we had to give him another spoon to keep him happy. I'm thinking he's due a name upgrade. Maybe -- Can't Shut The Door. It would fit.

My eldest daughter was something like Hides In Her Room, and we can't remember Beefcakes' name at all, though I think he's picked a new one now he has his own family.

The Princess wasn't born then, so she never got one, but I reckon her Indian name should be Lights Up The Room. Because she does.

What about you? have you thought about your Indian name? Your 'real' one, that is -- not the Fakebook name.


  1. My Indian name?
    probably something like Daydreaming Drifter.

    Or She-who-thinks-she-knows-it-all-and-will-tell-anyone-who'll-listen.

  2. Lol, Mr10 deserves that one for sure...

  3. I can't think of an Indian name. Grrr. I will pass on the 'figure out your sci fi alien name' thing though. First three letters of your surname/first two letters of your middle name/first two letters of your first name and last two letters of your first name/last three letters of surname. My alien name is Maclaka Ynzie. I think I must be Klingon.

  4. My sci-fi name would be
    Lawleto Niaws

    Plausible, I guess....

  5. I think my Indian name would be something like She-who-should-have-been-born-with-straight-hair.

    I don't have a sci-fi name though, I have no middle name. :(

  6. Hey, I like this! My sci-fi alien name is Hanemel Ielin.


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