Tuesday, January 24, 2012

do you wanna have a look?

When you're on holiday, do you ever stop at little roadside places just 'for a look'?
Sometimes it's a risk. The toilets might be dodgy, or the food crook -- but sometimes you find absolute gems.

Like a Meadery.

Having never tasted mead before, Fabio and I just HAD to stop here. We tried a couple of different bottles, but came away with the Honey Liqueur. It's lovely, though not an everyday drink.
There was also a bee-frame set up inside, behind perspex of course! The bees had private access to outdoors, and were busy flying in and out of their little hive, which had the kids utterly fascinated.
And we DID have icecream. Of course.
Mine was rose-and-almond. YUMMY.

We also stopped at Flamebird Wines, and bought some of these

They also grow marron, and showed us the babies (kids loved them) and the adults (spiky!) so we got a little tour thrown in. They are really lovely people and we wish them every success.
Also, the wine? mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Here's a picture of a marron. I borrowed it from the net because I stupidly left my camera in the car!

We also chatted to a couple of nice old wood-turners, and when we stopped for lunch in the Templemore Teahouse in Nannup, we got talking to a couple of Swiss girls over here on holiday.

Here are some pics of the tea-house, it' a gorgeous old building and I loved the architectural features.

(not an architectural feature)

Outside is a shady, pretty cottage garden, and inside is all antiques and old music, just beautiful, and while the food wasn't fabulous it was a step up from Maccas! (if there WAS a Maccas in Nannup) (which there isn't)

I love these relaxed holidays, where we stop when we want, and look at what we like, and don't have to worry about schedules. Fabio and I are both looking forward to the day when we get to do this more often!


  1. OH Toni ... you sounds just like hubby & I ... if it looks interesting .. pull over and take a look ... some of our best memories have been made this way !!!! and YES!! that day will come :)

  2. How wonderful and liberating is setting your own agenda, in your own time?

  3. NEVER leave your camera in the car. It may not be there when you get back......
    The teahouse looks very lovely, as does the little girl.
    We would never stop to look at the little things when going anywhere. Hubby aimed the car at our destination and put his foot down. Once there we'd look around once, then head home again in time for the footy on TV. Not fun.

  4. Love your blog. I used to live in WA. A group of us used to have mini-vacations from Perth down to Bunbury.
    You got the essence of the country down well. Conjures up such memories. Keep writing.


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