Wednesday, January 25, 2012

when a 3 pound gift card equals a priceless moment

How cute is this?? This guy (is it a guy?) deserves a promotion.

PS to see the image properly, just click on it.


  1. now thats CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!
    wouldn't happen in AUSSIE

  2. lol!!!
    love his age 27 & 1/3

  3. That's awesome!
    @scrappin'girl; it does happen in Aus. I wrote to a pen company one saying how much I liked writing with their new pens and they sent me a pack of five in different colours! I've written to deodorant companies explaining what I didn't like about their product and received gift cards. I once sent a spiderwebby block of chocolate back to Cadbury and two weeks later received a box with assorted bars and two family sized blocks of chocolate.

  4. can't believe it, just read yr blog, my 24 yo daughter asks what is tiger bread, googles it to find this, had to laugh, hope u will too
    cheers karen

  5. Well, there you go!! must be meant to be!
    thanks Karen :)


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