Sunday, January 8, 2012

the one week hair update

Right. It's been a week since I washed my hair and began this experiment.

Normally by now I would have my hair tied back all the time and be thinking about cutting it off (myself) (with a pocket knife if necessary) because it would be giving me the irrits so bad.
And it would be itchy, and greasy, and look gross.

But no.

Yes, it is starting to look like a wash wouldn't hurt, but not so bad that I have to explain to random strangers or wear hats. It's still manageable and soft, and I only have a few 'frizzies'.
AND I haven't seen ANY dandruff. Not saying there isn't any, but it's not on my shoulders at least.


That's not too bad, is it? I mean, it IS Sunday morning and all.....


  1. Seriously - wow!
    Next stop - the hair swish ads!

  2. yeah nah, thanks for the thought but I've NEVER had ad hair. Oh unless you count the 'before' pictures.

  3. Well its looking pretty darn good to me for a sunday and not being Washed for a WEEK !!!!! looks like the experiment is WORKING !!!!!

  4. I'd like to see how it looks without being straightened. I want to try this method on my own hair, but I've got curls and don't straighten, so I'd like to see how the curls look.....and know how they feel. Soft? Silky? Frizzy? Manageable? Not?


    omg. I feel faint.

    River -- just for you. I'll take pictures with it curly and dry, after I wash it next.

  6. As a fellow frizzbear, I'm watching your experiment with great interest! x

  7. Hello my friend and a Happy New Year to you and your family {Hugs}
    Omgoodness I could not go a week with out washing my hair...I am doing curly style at the moment so it would be standing on end sticking out like barb wire yep I would look like my hand was stuck in a live power point.
    I hope you will share your smash book with me xxx

  8. Looking good to me, although I'd also love to hear how it goes without straightening. I am trying to embrace my curls at the moment. Not sure how long it will last though.

  9. A fellow redhead! Red rocks! And yes, it does look good tho I'm still trying to figure out what bicarb is!

  10. Cindi, that would be baking soda!

    There'll be another update soon. With pics.

  11. LOL - Thanx Toni! I'll have to see how your hear does in a month and then try it. My hair is naturally straight, but getting dry.


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