Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sad. I have succumbed.....

I did it. I confess.

I have a NY resolution list.

*hangs head in shame*

Well, you know what, I'm probably maybe going to keep possibly one of these for a week if I'm lucky.

But here they are:

1. Learn how to.... take a decent photo

2. Start.... cooking again

3. Stop..... wasting so much time

4. Take a holiday to.... anywhere as long as my husband leaves his phone at home.

5. Find.... more mojo

6. Try.... getting back to the gym

7. Be more.... mindful.

It seems that so far I've utterly ignored number 3 -- wasting time is one of the few things I do well with no reminders -- but I HAVE started making enquiries about taking photography lessons.
I e-mailed the local camera club thinking someone will surely know where I can start?

The gym?? yeah. Not gonna happen. Still having major uterine fails and have an appointment with a womb doctor in Feb. He's going to say surgery, I just know it.


  1. How's the mojo?
    And uterine fails? Oh dear.
    Love the mindfulness bit. That's a winner. It's a great excuse for the time wasting bit ...

  2. As long as you're looking, try to find my mojo too. I'm sure it's around somewhere.

    Fingers crossed that your doctor gives you a thumbs up (to mix two hand-related metaphors). Sending you love and lots of healing vibes. xx

  3. You're a bit like me then. I'm a champion time waster.

    Uterine fails? Oh dear.

    Photography classes seems like a good idea. I think about that quite a bit too. Thinking is as far as I get with that.

  4. It's a good list. Achievable. Meaningful. Satisfying. Be mindful and you'll achieve every single thing. Make sure you know exactly what you mean by each one, though. What is 'wasting so much time' exactly? What does a 'decent' photo look like? What will you cook? How will you destroy your huz's phone right before holidays? See, you've gotta know the specifics.

    Good luck!

    Also, just realised that you've been posting all along and none of it loads on my iPad. I thought you were just putting up photos each time and they weren't loading. Weirdness!

    I will make sure I pop over on my computer in future.

    Happy days, Toni. x

  5. Good plan, Bron.

    Wasting time = faffing round on the net, mostly. I avoid doing other things.

    A decent photo would be one that tells the story, captures the moment, or is at least recognisable. I don't know how to use my camera.

    I will cook DINNERS. And I will BAKE. Cakes and stuff. Currently, with Fabio away so much and the kids greeting anything but fish fingers and 2 minute noodles with grave suspicion, I've lost interest in really cooking. I mostly just assemble meals now.

    I'll hide the damn phone.

    Surgery is scary. :(

  6. Short & sweet resolutions are easier to keep... and they are all subjective... like the decent photo. Have you tried a local community college photography course? Those are fun and creative and will teach you how to print your own as well. Holidays can be even a long weekend so you can take many of them this year.
    It is "a day without laughter" that is a day wasted, so as long as you laugh each day, you can't count them as being wasted.

    and go with the surgery. You will feel sooooo soooo much better.


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