Sunday, January 22, 2012

look, it's me! I'm back!

On Friday, we unexpectedly took a holiday. It all happened when Fabio said, on Thursday, "Let's go away for the night. Tomorrow. We'll go down south and do the treetop walk."

So we threw the essentials into the car (pillows, laptop, camera, and a couple of kids) and off we went.


home to Manjimup to Walpole

We hit some roadworks, where all the bitumen had been stripped off down to bare dirt. The Princess said, "What in the world is going on here?"
I said, "They're widening the road. To make it better."

She looked out at the clouds of choking orange dust. "Well, it's not working."


We saw about 5 main roads workers standing in the shade, and another on the mobile phone.
Fabio said, "He's on the phone to the Boss, asking for a shovel to be sent out. And the boss says, Lean on each other till I can get that shovel sent out to you."
(made ME laugh, anyway)


What we saw

the sign on the girls' toilet in Manji. She looks sorta desperate for a piddle, doncha think?

Manjimup township

Pretty banksia flower.

The motel pool in Walpole.

Once the kids had been revived in the pool, we drove out of town to do the Valley of the Giants TreeTop Walk. And WOW. Look at this....
a carved totem at the entrance

the steel walkway beginning to climb up into the trees

looking down from about half-way

the highest point is 40 metres off the ground, which is cool and scary in equal proportions -- you can see we're not above the trees though! they're amazingly tall. The walkway itself sways and bounces so it was a bit un-nerving, but the walk is only 600 metres or so, and the climb is gentle.

coming back down to earth (WHEW!!)

We then did the Ancient Empire (ground!) walk through WAs' amazing Tingle trees. (not kidding, that's what they're called)

and then we found the Grandaddy of them all....

Now THAT'S impressive.

More tomorrow.


  1. Awesome stuff Toni. Pictures just do those big trees justice do they.
    So so glad you had a wonderful time away with the family

  2. OMG The Princess is growing up =(
    And Jack's poses just rock!!!
    Love you guys <3

  3. How cool is your spontaneous trip. You've packed more into a weekend than most of us manage in a week. I am so impressed that you just went out and explored. x

  4. How awesome! Love the pics and the commentary! The trees are incredible looking. Reminded me of the ones in Kings Canyon & Sequoia Nat'l Forest in California. Giganamungus! I will have to copy that pic of the girl on the ladies room to put on my guest bath door. It is priceless!

  5. it looks like you & the family had a TERRIFIC break away Toni .... LURV HOLIDAY SNAPS !!!!!!

  6. There's so much here for me to be amazed at! I'd love to do that treetop walk. There's a similar hollow tree to your "grand daddy" one here in our own botanic gardens. I'll get a photo of it for you next time I visit the gardens.
    Loved the shovel joke!

  7. The treetop walk is beautiful but a little scary if you don't have a good head for heights, River. I loved it but I was also glad to get back down!!

  8. Wow, Toni, you and your hubby are really in love with life. I'm so impressed with how you just get up and go!
    You must have seen so much of WA. Do you go out of the State much?
    You're giving your kids a lot of memories. What a gift.

  9. Hi Jo -- yeah we do try and get to see my family in Queensland every two years or so, and we're also planning a trip to Germany for Christmas in 2013. But travelling with kids is SO expensive, so we have to save up our pennies in between!


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