Monday, January 23, 2012

kids and guns


We packed up and drove down to Albany.

 Essential supplies.

Albanys' main street runs right down to the sea, and it's a pretty cool sight -- on a fine day! That is actually the  ocean at the bottom of the hill there.

I nearly snapped my head off trying to see all the gorgeous old buildings at once... and then it started raining.

Bear in mind that these were all taken from the front seat of our car, through the dusty, bug-spattered, rained-on (cracked) windscreen. I love taking pictures from the car, I don't know why.

We found a 'pirate' ship.... the brig Amity. She was just beautiful.

Here are some pictures of her undergirdings. Or something. I'm not up on all the nautical terms.

And here is my SEVEN year old daughter standing (just) in the 'bedroom'. All the rest of us had to duck or bend double, and I just couldn't imagine what it must have been like to live down here. The stench would have been dreadful, for a start. And NO INTERNET, people!! I know. Doesn't bear thinking about.

But there were more luxurious accomodations on-board. See, here's the surgeons' cabin:

I actually have a toilet bigger than that.

I could go on and on and on about this ship, it was a fantastic experience. But this post is getting heavy on photos and I suspect a lot of you have given up by now anyway, muttering about Aunt Maudes' Slideshow Nights, so if you want to know more, you can click here.

The plan was to next look at both the Princess Royal Fortress and Whale World, but we didn't get past the Fortress.

Here's why:


With wheels to turn, and levers to pull, and cranks to .. err.. crank! The kids (big and small) were in 7th Heaven.
The kids warred on daddy, then Daddy and The Princess warred on Mr 10, and they all had a very satisfactory afternoon.

Now, I'm sorry, but there are more pictures planned for tomorrow. And possibly the next day. It's because I don't get out much. And we did have such a VERY good time!


  1. Toni, you know me ... I LURV HOLIDAY PICS !!! I am usually the one putting people to sleep with all mine XX BRING 'EM ON GIRL !!!!!!!!!!

  2. An honest-to-goodness Pirate Ship!!
    Is it a permanent fixture?? If I was to make it over to WA in the next few years would it be there for me to climb arond in and on?
    Fabulous photos and I'd say the holiday was a great success.

  3. haha - well the KIDS called it a pirate ship, but it was a transport ship, really. And yeah, it's a permanent feature, and WELL worth the visit!!


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