Sunday, January 15, 2012

the great hair experiment update

After many requests (one) (from River) I've decided to post a pic of my hair PRE-straightening.

This is quite traumatic for me. And it might be for you, too -- if you're easily frightened, click away NOW.


Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

This is after using the bicarb/vinegar treatment, and allowing it to dry naturally overnight. I can't (ever) get a brush through it and if I did I'd look like the worlds' largest dandelion, so it's completely au naturel.
It looks like this if I put half a bottle of conditioner on it, too, so don't blame the experiment.

Now, by way of comparison, here is my sister with her experimented-on-for-more-than-a-year hair.

Now, before she started using the no poo treatment, her hair was like straw. It wasn't frizzy like mine, but really dry and brittle, and it had no shine, at ALL. I think it's fair to say that it looks FANTASTIC now!!

She's modified her original recipe, and here it is:

2lt jug
bi-carb soda
white or apple cider vinegar

1tsp honey into the jug, dissolve in a bit of boiling water (prevents stickiness)
fill jug halfway with cool water
add 1tsp bi-carb soda
i find half a jug at this stage enough

pour onto wet hair, massage in, rinse out.

condition (ENDS ONLY, if you wish. i do this only every now and again) and rinse really well

rinse out your jug, refill with water, and add a good splash of your vinegar
pour through your hair.
rinse if you wish ( i leave it in, smell goes when it’s dry)

I'm going to try with the honey, next time I wash. Who knows, it may even make me sweeter.


  1. Toni, the unstraightened hair doesn't look too bad at all, I've seen worse. But I can see that the "dandelion-after-brushing" look isn't appealing. My hair does a similar thing, so I don't brush. I've used only a comb on my hair for the last twenty years.

    Your sister's hair looks lovely, did it take a full year to get to this condition? Or did it happen sooner and now she's just maintaining?

  2. I'll have to leave that to my sister to answer, River -- I'm not sure how long it took, but it certainly wasn't a year.

  3. hello gang. the sister here. the condition got better pretty well instantly, however the softness is 'growing in', so that after nearly 2 years it feels really nice to touch to about 2 thirds of the way down. i figure after 5 years pretty well all of my hairs will have never been 'over the counter poo'ed' and will ALL be soft. thanks for the compliment, and give it a try!

  4. oh, PS. this photo was the day after washing and completely virgin - no dryer, no product. i am madly in love with my home made shampoo, although my husband still reckons i'm a bit wacko

  5. I am soooo trying this on hubbys hair! He has so much dandruff it annoys ME! I might even give it a go on my hair. does it matter if it is coloured (the hair)?

  6. It might take some time to feel soft Chik, but I don't imagine the treatment will strip colour out. It's very gentle.

    And thanks Sissy <3

  7. Don't know how much help this will be to anyone, but if you don't want to go to all the trouble of making your own hair products, I've always just used the cheap 'Natures Organics Fruits' shampoo & conditioner. (They are not paying me for that endorsement.)
    It costs around $2 a bottle and my hair has always been soft, shiny and dandruff free.
    *disclaimer, I almost never colour it, don't own a hair dryer or straightener, and I avoid the sun as much as possible, which may also contribute to the condition of my hair.

  8. just chipping in here, no-one does have gorgeously shiny straight hair, which grows at the rate of about three miles a week* and I'm insanely jealous.
    *possibly a slight exaggeration.

  9. no-one, you are a rare breed indeed to find something do simple that works. i have tried organic, herbal, el-cheapo, salon brands etc etc over about 40 years. i never blow dry or color it. just the luck of the draw i guess

  10. Thanks for sharing this Sandie. Since moving to Hong Kong where ALL (literally all) shampoo is made for straight, fine Asian hair, I am struggling to find something that works on my very thick, prone to dandruff, kind of boofy hair! I'm going to give this a shot. Let's see how it works in a humid environment ;)


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