Saturday, July 10, 2010

I knit like a mother.

My mother says it's painful to watch me knit. This, while not encouraging, is true.
She knits without looking, and the needles sound like a machine-gun.
I knit slowly, with much cursing, and my tongue poking out of the side of my mouth. I drop stitches, and make up new ones. I get bored very easily.

So, about 3 years ago, I started knitting the Princess a scarf. "HA!" I thought. "This will be easy! Big needles, thick fluffy wool, plus it's - you know - a scarf. Knit 12, repeat. Pieca-cake."

Note I said 3 YEARS ago.

You see, I started well. I got a few inches done quickly, and while I wasn't looking, Handsome Son found the needles and thought they would make great swords, and pulled them both clean out.
I unravelled and started again.
This happened a couple of times, till I trained myself to put the knitting properly away.
You know that old saying 'out of sight, out of mind'? Yeah.

So last night I took it out and knitted up almost an entire ball of wool while watching Bones.
True, there is a wonky bit where I discovered I had 13 stitches and had to knit 2 together so one edge has a small dewlap, but at least it looks like a scarf now and Handsome Son no longer needs to make swords from my needles, so there is a small chance The Princess will actually get her scarf before she leaves home.
She better freakin wear it every chance she gets.

PS I started knitting it last night so I could cross it off my TO DO list on the side there -- and realised just now that it isn't even on the list. Sigh.


  1. OMG Toni I can't stop laughing....

    I love how your tongue hangs out the side OMG I am off again heeeeheeee.
    careful you don't knit it into the scarf....

  2. LMAO Ann that was so funny I nearly spat coffee on my keyboard!

  3. Can you edit something on your list, like say the cross-stitch project? Change it to "knit scarf"? No one would know (but me). Just do it. Do it!!

  4. Sooooo.... Toni do we actually get to see the 'said scarf' ???? hehehehe

  5. She better freakin wear it every chance she gets.



  6. I once started a matinee jacket for my fourth baby, it was finished by the time he was in the first grade and I donated it to a stall at the school fete.

  7. Had to laugh ... did I really say that? You know what's funny though ... I haven't knitted anything since about 1999, and yesterday I started knitting a cardy for myself.

  8. I bet you finish it before I finish the scarf! (:


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