Thursday, July 15, 2010

the best laid plans of mice and bloggers....

I had planned to write a brilliant, funny post today that would ring in the hearts of all who read it, gain me a ton of new followers, and perhaps win me an award. I had the dress picked out for the ceremony, and almost perfected the humble and grateful smile with which I would receive both my award and my new followers.
Sadly -- I forgot to plan the actual post.
Story of my life. I'm great on the grand plans, but the details? not so much.

Anyway, I just started writing THIS post instead, only to discover I have a migraine aura looming. If you have never had one of these, I get the classic 'diamond-back python' which looks like this:

< image from >

The colours flash and the black zig-zaggy lines flash and I'm blind in the entire area that the snake takes up. Makes for an interesting life if I happen to be trying to see at the time.
You know how in the movies, blindness is depicted as blackness? Well, being REALLY blind isn't like that (at least in my experience) It's just -- not being able to see.
And thus, not being able to DO much until it passes.

It's definitely weird and a little disconcerting -- BUT I am so incredibly grateful to have the auras and not the actual migraines!

BTW -- altho the image is from a menopause symptoms site, this is not a menopausal thing. Sadly. I wish it were. But that is a post for another day.


  1. Hi there, found you via flog yo blog Friday and your site is fab. I'll help you along to your 100 followers, but I don't know if I can do much about the clicky knees...

  2. Cool -- I've decided to blog 24/7 and then I won't need working knees anyway.

  3. My migraines are fairly mild compared to some; they're usually hayfever related. I know one is coming when I'm unable to foicus on moving objects, for instance fast panning cameras on tv, if I feel a heaviness between the eyes then and have to back away from the screen, a headache is definitely on the way. Preventive steps taken right then, such as medication, lots of water, often work to nip this in the bud. Occasionally they don't and I have to take something stronger then sleep it off.

  4. My uncle eats a block of cheese if he feels a migraine coming -- and if it catches it early enough, it works!

  5. Cheese works for me too, but you do have to catch it verrryy early! Just seem to get the auras these days though, no actual headache.

  6. This happens to me all the time. Not the migraine, but the plan-to-write-a-good-post-and-fail.

    Sucks to be us.


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