Monday, July 19, 2010

it's Moanday again.

I am not happy about having bigger-than-average boobs. I know lots of women who think they would love to have DDs, but I think they're crazy. I would like a trim, tidy C cup. And if they could be perky and upright, that would be just fine too.
However, short of a major Lotto win and a Yummy Mummy tour to Thailand, that aint gonna happen.
So the next best thing it to wear bras that minimise cup size, offer support, and are comfortable. Pretty would also be nice.
The problem is, on a limited income, you have more hope of catching a glimpse of the Easter Bunny relaxing down at the beach.
ALL the DD bras I've looked at for the last couple of years have been PADDED. Now while this may be highly desirable if you have smaller boobs, I don't know one single DD+ lady who is looking for MORE. The only way to get an unpadded bra is to order on-line (expensive) or go to a specialist shop (also expensive)

This is as bad as only offering low-cut jeans, or only offering T-shirts that come to just above the belly-button.
Ladies Of A Certain Age (like me) don't WANT to dress like a 20 year old (it looks odd) but I don't want to be getting around in an Osti frock and a half-slip just yet either.

So could we, please, for the love of Cotton, just have a little bit of choice?


  1. Girl..... I HEAR YOU LOUD & CLEAR !!!!!!! hehhehehe

  2. Great photo Toni!! Your son just said "glad I dont read mums blog!"
    I know how you feel though, being an E-EE myself, I really dont understand the padding!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more....
    You think you have problems my friend.....WELL wait till you get to my age...showing bum crack and belly button.....not a pretty sight....
    but maybe I could hide my boobs under my arms...!!!!!!!

  4. heh thanks for the support girls =D

  5. As an owner of a set of DD's that often push themselves over into an E I'd like to add my INDEED.

  6. I used to be a comfortable 12B. Since putting on too much weight, I'm now a 16C. I'm wearing not-so-pretty sports bras so I don't jiggle while walking and working. I've been trying to lose weight, but haven't really been serious about it since the weather turned cold.

    Do the bra shops have a layby option? I buy in department stores where they do and it makes the cost easier to bear. Make your selection, pay them off within the stated time, and anticipate the wearing.


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