Sunday, July 25, 2010

sweet sundae....

Todays' sweet things are:

1. man farts -- yes, those noxious clouds that can strip paint and burn your eyes are, today, sweet to me.

2. huge shoes that look like overturned canoes for the vertically challenged, left lying near doorways with sand spilling from them.... they are sweet.

3. the blankets being pulled out from the bottom of the bed every night, requiring a complete strip and re-make every morning, because of a too-tall-for-the-bed man -- that's sweet.

4. damp towels on the bed/carpet, whiskers in the bathroom sink, water splashed all over -- sweet.

5. yesterdays' newspapers, covering every available surface -- sweet, sweet, sweet.

No, I haven't lost my mind. My priorities have changed. Having your man work overseas for a month at a time will do that to ya.

Have a sweet Sunday, y'all!


  1. ""ENJOY"" today's sweet things Toni xxxxxx

  2. It certainly would change your priorities.....enjoy those things - they are still annoying for me!! LOL

  3. Thanks for the giggle. Guess those things would be "sweet" with oyur man at home. Enjoy precious time together

  4. Repost in a few days, let us know if the damp towels and man-farts are still as sweet.....


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