Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bye-bye baby....

Fabio, also known as the LoML, has taken a job overseas. He swears my hairy legs had nothing to do with it, but since he will be home in just 2 more sleeps, I think I will be spending some quality time with the depilatory cream today just in case. Even though it's winter, and the cream is freezing cold and smells funny.
What was I saying?
Oh, yes -- overseas. The Philippines, to be exact.
Not knowing much anything about the Philippines, I Googled. I found some official looking website, which was enormously confusing and utterly failed to mention the Muslim extremist kidnappings which are a real concern and not made up by a disgruntled Billy Graham fan. WAY TO GO, Official Website. That is a very handy piece of information to have if you're going to be travelling, in my view.
So I gave up on Google and went to the library.
I found travel books on every country you can think of, and some you may possibly never have heard of, rows and rows of them -- and not one on the Philippines.
So I think I'll be searching LISWA and calling up some useful books in the near future.
But I digress (again)(inevitably)

Fabio heard about this job, and was actually promoting a friend for it, but was asked to submit a resume himself, and got it.
He's running the underground operations at a small gold mine, and although it's an enormous challenge and could all go south at any minute, he's loving it!
He'll be working a month-on/2-weeks-off roster - that's the bad part. I'll miss him terribly!
But, oh boy, won't the reunions be Something!


  1. WOW your life is changing !!!
    OK at least you will have a month of scrapping then a couple of weeks of !!!!!well I am not going to say lol

  2. yes I just hope he doesn't come home in the WRONG week
    It's such a wonderful opportunity for him career-wise, I just hope I can hold up my end of the deal.

  3. Hang in there, Toni! I'm sorry you're guy is gone so much, but hopefully he'll make a gob of money and be able to come home permanently soon.

    Oh, and buy you lots of jewelry, too! ;-)

  4. hey you have your priorities straight Linda! (:

  5. at least for the month you have us to keep you company Toni hehehehehe xxxxx

  6. It's been a loooong time since I had such upheaval in my own life (although, new babies coming along seemingly every other year is a bit traumatic). Hope you go okay!!

    BTW, love it! Pimp away!


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