Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday sights....

It's lovely to live somewhere pretty again. Our Sunday drive today included the following:

gorgeous scenery

wattle everywhere in full bloom

roadside fruit stand

picking our own citrus from a friends' orchard


  1. Just the words 'Sunday Drive' evoke the word 'pleasant' and your photos prove that your drive was exactly that. You're lucky to be somewhere so scenic! We could head down Galston Road and out Dural way for a similar effect, but the words 'pleasant' and the Galston Gorge are not familiar with each other!!!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful way to spend a Sunday! I love country drives and stopping at produce stands and little odd places along the way.

  3. I bought a 3kg bag of oranges at a roadside stall once. A few kms down the road we stopped and tossed it out,it was crawling with ants that we hadn't seen. Took a while to empty and shake off the fruit, and get the ants out of the car. We missed a few and saturated the car interior with insect spray as soon as we got home.


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