Friday, July 16, 2010

it's FYB time...

First time I've done this hop thing so I hope it works.


  1. It worked! And so I've duly come by to flog you. Flog, flog!

    Enjoy your Friday (and your weekend).

  2. Lots of new links there for me to check out. Thanks. should I add mine? Hmmm, why not? Can't hurt...

  3. absolutely you should! and did, I see (:
    Good for you!

    (it's nice to thank Brenda on her site too, I didn't think of that for ages, now I try to remember each time)

  4. Awww. Thanks Toni. And yays you got the linky up.=)

  5. WOOT WOOOT to Brenda!!! Hey Toni, thanks for the FOLLOW...I too have the dream goal of reaching 100 stalkers, followers or people that I can pay to get me to 100. I figure that 100 should be the magic number because anything after that will be a walk in the park (or for you the moonlight walk on the beach, then you kill two birds with one stone -- without being a murderer (cuz noboday likes a murderer))

    Love the blog though lady, so now you have 76 followers!!

    woot woot!!!

    Please check out my other blog


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